Meaningful educational reform can only occur when all people have access to quality affordable healthcare

The Plan

Meaningful education reform is funded by meaningful healthcare reform.  That's why ChangEDU is the second social paradigm shift, following the groundbreaking Change Health.  

Modeled after Change Health, ChangEDU liberates us from bureaucracy and returns education to a personalized student-teacher relationship.

For years, we've been asking the wrong question.  The right question is: "how do we finance education so that teachers and students get the best synergy?"

Somewhere along the way, we forgot the power of 1 teacher and 1 student.  We forgot that the ability to unlock a child's limitless potential is a melange of engaged parents, engaged societies, autonomous instructors, and supported students.

Ask yourself the following:

"If education is best done between a student and a teacher, why do we need..."

- School Districts? 

- Superintendents?

- School Boards?

- Public Schools?

- Charter Schools?

- Testing?

- Set Daily/Weekly/Summer Schedules?

- Publicly funded Sports?

- Home School?

- School Counselors?

- School Nurses?

This idea is a fundamental paradigm shift in our thinking about education.  It's bound to ruffle feathers and incite fear.  But I'm hopeful that within the conversations to follow, we can come to understand the limitless power of our youth when we invest in them with our hearts, minds, souls, and pocketbooks.

ChangEDU:  The basics


Create 50 non-profit private state based education companies

All citizens of each state are shareholders of the Education Company.



Shareholders elect a Board of Directors

The Board of the state Education Company must be composed of 60% educationally licensed professionals (teachers, principals, professors, etc.)



Board of Directors creates General Education Fund and sets the General Education Fee

The General Education Fee is the amount of money that each citizen/shareholder in the state is responsible for paying yearly.  All fees go toward providing funds for general education for all kids aged 2-18.



Teachers Incorporate and Apply for Funding

Each teacher will become their own private company.  To get funding from the General Education Fund, they must submit their business plan for review.  The General Education Fund will provide up to 50% of their budget.


Parents Choose the Teacher of their Choice

Teachers advertise their specialties and expertise as well as their tuition and fees.  Parents review the Teachers' business plans and records, websites, goals, objectives and schedules.  Parents apply directly to the Teacher of their choice.  



Teachers Choose the Kids that Match their Style

Teachers can interview students and parents to ensure "goodness of fit" with their teaching model and philosophy.



Create Direct Accountability

Each state Education Company creates a state level review process to assess teacher and parent complaints.  The Education Company will have direct access to social resources to help with poverty and mental health concerns as presented by Teachers.  The Education Company will have the right to submit complaints on behalf of parents to the respective state Education Board to reprimand teachers.


Build Educational Economies of Scale

Teachers recruit Principals to help them grow their businesses, connect with other Teachers who excel in complimentary areas, and build quality control measures to ensures children are learning, parents are engaged, and the education system prepares students for the collegiate world.

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